DeLorean DMC-12




When I was about six or seven years old, I watched Back to the Future for the very first time. It quickly became my favorite movie (and remains as much), and I knew then that I wanted to one day own a DeLorean. After many years of semi-serious browsing and a little more serious research, it finally happened.

I am now the proud owner of a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, VIN #5311.

I decided I wanted to document the work and upgrades I'm doing to it, so this page will serve that purpose.


07-OCT-2011: Initial Purchase.

22-NOV-2011: Rebuilt the vacuum switch for the Heat/Air controls.
23-NOV-2011: Cut open the center console face plate and replaced the original Craig radio with a Sony MEX-BT2900.
28-NOV-2011: Re-molded the left-center Heat/AC vent boot, allowing airflow through to both center vents.
30-NOV-2011: (34998) Upgraded door lights to LEDs.

01-DEC-2011: Rewired the console electronics to illuminate environmental controls only when the headlights are on.
07-DEC-2011: Replaced the door struts and the front interior dome light assembly.
23-DEC-2011: Replaced the hazard flasher relay with an upgraded model (CF13GL-02), cleaned the taillight circuit boards, replaced the brake servo access panel gasket, and repaired the engine compartment light switch. Also upgraded the interior dome lights to LEDs and removed the interior lamp delay module.
26-DEC-2011: (36250) Oil change, torsion bar adjustment.
27-DEC-2011: Repaired the power radio antenna.
28-DEC-2011: Re-soldered taillight socket connections. Also performed LED Bulb Upgrades - Taillights (2), Brake Lights (4), Rear Turn Signals (2), License Plate (2), Front Turn Signals (2), Rear Fender Lights (2), Front Fender Lights (2), AC Panel (7), Cigarette Lighter.
29-DEC-2011: Upgraded reverse lights to LEDs.
06-JAN-2012: Replaced taillight circuit boards with upgraded versions.

29-JAN-2012: (37213) Installed the rebuilt solid-state RPM Relay upgrade, and added a 3 amp fuse to the warm-up regulator.
14-FEB-2012: Replaced clutch slave cylinder.
11-MAR-2012: Repaired engine bay lamp.
12-MAR-2012: (39568) Oil change.
13-MAR-2012: Replaced leather shift boot, and replaced air filter.
24-MAR-2012: Repaired multiple coolant leaks.
26-MAR-2012: Idle speed adjustment.
29-MAR-2012: Replaced intake manifold gaskets.
30-MAR-2012: Replaced fuel filter.
03-APR-2012: Repaired hot water valve.
05-APR-2012: Replaced windshield wiper blades.
10-APR-2012: Replaced windshield washer nozzle.
11-APR-2012: (40380) High-performance tune-up: Replaced ignition coil with an upgraded model (MSD Blaster 2 8202), and replaced spark plugs (Bosch Platinum +4), spark plug and ignition coil wires (Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Silicone), distributor cap, and rotor.
14-APR-2012: Replaced o2 Sensor, repaired and reset LAMBDA service counter, and updated cigarette lighter.
25-APR-2012: Reconnected airflow box flap arm.
29-APR-2012: Replaced reverse taillight transmission switch.
01-MAY-2012: Evacuated AC system, converted fittings from R12 to R134A, air-flushed hoses, oiled AC compressor, and added refrigerant.
08-MAY-2012: Installed a washer on the reverse taillight transmission switch.
09-JUN-2012: Replaced power window motors. Also removed power door lock solenoids and replaced with lightweight linear actuators.
12-JUN-2012: Replaced angle drive, dust cap, and lower speedometer cable.
16-JUN-2012: Installed battery cutoff switch.
20-JUN-2012: (41740) Removed passenger seat, removed and cleaned passenger-side carpeting, reinstalled carpet and seat. Drained and cleaned fuel tank, removed fuel pump and fuel sender and installed modern upgraded fuel pump/sender combo unit. Capped and sealed fuel sender hole.

23-JUN-2012: Rewired radiator cooling fan circuit to improve reliability and distribute load for each fan to individual relays.
15-SEP-2012: (43128) Oil change.
13-OCT-2012: Cleaned idle speed motor, adjusted throttle linkage, reinflated spare tire.
17-OCT-2012: Installed a shock tower brace to improve handling.

29-OCT-2012: Replaced trunk carpet.
30-NOV-2012: Replaced seat-back frames with custom laser-cut aluminum frames.
15-MAR-2014: (46021) Replaced brake master cylinder, installed in-line fuel check valve, replaced clock.
27-APR-2014: Replaced angle drive.
31-MAY-2014: Replaced steering rack boots and outer tie rod ends. Installed DeLorean Performance Industries Spec I Exhaust.
24-JAN-2015: Replaced angle drive.
26-JAN-2015: (46137) Oil change.
23-NOV-2016: (46520) Replaced brake master cylinder.
10-JAN-2018: (46582) Rebuilt front and rear brake calipers, flushed and filled brake fluid, replaced pulley bearings and water pump belt.
03-FEB-2018: Replaced ignition booster relay.
05-AUG-2021: Replaced ignition coil.
13-AUG-2021: Replaced door struts.
16-MAY-2021: Replaced water pump, oil change.
09-AUG-2021: Replaced ignition coil.