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operations's Policy on Internet Spam, its Staff, and Affiliates do not send out Spam E-Mail. If you have received spam that appears to originate from, it didn't.

ATTENTION SPAMMERS: Here are two REALLY bad ideas:

• Forging Spam to make it appear it originated from
• Spamming any E-Mail at

Take Note, that we will trace all spam, and it will be dealt with accordingly. Many ISPs have a really strict Acceptable Use Policy, and most do not look kindly on their users spamming. Keep this in mind before you hit that SEND button.

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ARTICLE I: Visitors' usage of SPAM ™ hereby declares that its visitors are encouraged to enjoy SPAM Luncheon Meat. does not discourage users who do not enjoy SPAM Luncheon Meat from visiting.

Visitors to who enjoy SPAM Luncheon Meat are encouraged to share their SPAM Luncheon Meat with other visitors, family, and friends. Use of SPAM Luncheon Meat is not restricted to users of this website.

ARTICLE II:'s usage of SPAM ™ hereby disclaims any guarantee as to the quality of SPAM Luncheon Meat. and its staff does not make extensive use of SPAM Luncheon Meat, however its users are encouraged to enjoy SPAM Luncheon Meat at their sole discretion.

ARTICLE III: Disclaimer, its staff, and affiliates hereby disclaim any and all responsibility if a user does not enjoy SPAM Luncheon Meat. Users are required to enjoy SPAM Luncheon Meat at their own risk. is not affiliated in any way with SPAM Luncheon Meat, or its parent company, Hormel Foods Corporation.

Any further inquires regarding SPAM Luncheon Meat can be directed to Hormel Foods Corporation.