Development Projects

This page contains some of the things I've done, as well as projects I'm involved in, or advocating.

MetaLog - MetaLog is a simple yet powerful iOS data logging utility for photographers who want to quickly record photo metadata for photo cataloging or EXIF tagging during post-processing. In addition to keeping track of the settings for each photo, MetaLog can also act as an equipment inventory for your gear.

Phaser - Phaser is an easy-to-use Perl-based front end for several programs used to burn CDs under Linux. It supports creating ISOs, burning ISOs to CD, burning bit-for-bit CD copies (which means you can safely use it to copy bootable CDs), CD-RW blanking, etc. Version 2.0 was recently released. - is a non-profit organization which serves as a hub for the study of distributed computing. I redesigned the website in 2003. The redesign retains much of the classic style while giving it an updated look, as well as focusing on web standards including valid XHTML and CSS.

SomethingAwful Forums Menu - Originally written by CarryTheZero for the Mozilla Firefox browser, I've reworked much of this extension's functionality. Since I've started maintaining it, it has been updated for compatibility with the latest versions of Firefox in addition to supporting the newly created subforums on Something Awful.

Cue:Cat Hacks - Myself, and hundreds of other people managed to reverse engineer the (I hesitate to call it this) "encryption" on the CueCat, and hacked out scripts to decode the output. Information, as well as my contributions, can be found here. You can also find mIRCue on this page, which is a CueCat decoder that I have written for the mIRC IRC Client.